Restoration Progress – Indonesia

SOP Workshop

24-26 October 2022
Workshop on Preparation of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of Monitoring and Surveillance at the Coral Reef Rehabilitation Site in Derawan MPA.

Kick-off Event

13 July 2022


Pre-Kick-Off Meeting

November-December 2021

Reef Health Monitoring at Coral Reef Rehabilitation Site

25-28 March 2022 in Derawan MPA

Rock Pile Installation

May-November 2022 in Derawan MPA

Socio-Economic Monitoring Based on Community Perception

May-August 2022 in Derawan MPA

Environmental Impact Assessment

3 January-16 February 2022
Conducting a study on the environmental impact of extracting limestone in Maratua Island for coral reef restoration in Derawan MPA.

Training of Community to Support Coral Reef Rehabilitation Programme

11-18 March & 2-6 August 2022 in Derawan MPA

Field Visit

Field visit by our Technical Director Puri Canals and South-East Asia Expert Veda Santiaji.

BMP (Better Management Practices) Training on Responsible Whale Shark Tourism Management

7-8 June 2022 

Introductory Workshop on Coral Rehabilitation and Monitoring

16 February 2022 in KKP3K KDPS

Shark & Sea Turtle Bycatch Mitigation Training

13-15 December 2021

Reef Star Installation

May-November 2022 in Derawan MPA

Manta Tow Survey of Coral Recruitment

17-29 January 2022 in Derawan MPA

Identification of specific location for coral rehabilitation through manta tow survey and coral recruitment. Manta towing involves towing a snorkel diver behind a small boat along the upper reef slope to make direct observation on the distribution of corals in a broad scale.