Restoration Progress – Malaysia

First Monitoring and Maintenance

6 December 2022 at MARRS Coral Restoration Site (400 RS)

Knowledge Exchange Workshop

15-16 October 2022 in Tun Mustapha Park (Sabah, Malaysia)
Workshop of Knowledge Exchange between EU-Ocean Governance in the South East Asian Region Teams; Derawan Island MPA (Indonesia) and Tun Mustapha Park (Sabah, Malaysia).

Community Socioeconomic Study of the Coral Restoration Project Area

4-8 October 2022 in Banggi Island, Tun Mustapha Park

Site Selection Coral Restoration Project

15-17 November 2022 

Scuba Diving Training to Implementers for Coral Restoration Project

14-16 October 2022 in Banggi Island in Tun Mustapha Park

Launch of Coral Restoration

19 May 2022